Contract and Delivery Terms

Bestool’s general contract and delivery terms as of 21 October 2018.

Bestool’s general contract and delivery terms apply from 21 October 2018 onwards and replace Bestool’s existing general contract and delivery terms. These contract and delivery terms will be used in the deal between Bestool and the customer, unless otherwise agreed. Contract and delivery terms apply to the delivery of goods specified in the order confirmation unless otherwise agreed in writing. These terms and conditions shall be deemed to have been approved by the customer unless a reminder has been filed within 7 days of the date of the order confirmation.



Prices are in accordance with current Bestool prices unless otherwise stated. Prices include the package. Value added tax is added to the prices at the current VAT rate and possibly other similar statutory charges.



The offer is valid as a whole, unless otherwise agreed. We reserve the right to change delivery times due to changes and additions caused by the subscriber. Any plans, drawings, images, calculations and other documents that may be subject to the offer are Bestool’s property. The customer is not entitled to use them for their own purposes or to the detriment of Bestool and does not disclose them to a third party.


Terms of delivery:

Delivery terms FIN 01 in accordance with the terms of ExW Bestool’s warehouse. Possible delivery to destination will be charged according to the current shipping costs.


Delivery service

A separately agreed transport service will be charged according to the delivery terms. The goods are sent under the responsibility of the customer and are insured if necessary on behalf of the subscriber if the transport has been specifically agreed upon. Delivery time is calculated from the date of confirmation of the order, unless otherwise agreed.


Shipping week

Shipping week means the week during which the goods are available for delivery to our customer at our delivery point. The week of delivery may also be separately agreed upon the week in which any separately agreed installation work starts or has been completed.


Change for the delivery time

For a customer or other vendor-independent shipment period of more than one week’s agreed delivery week, the customer will be charged 0,5% per week on the value of the delivery. Delivery transfer must be agreed at least 2 weeks before the delivery deadline. Payment terms are 7 days net of invoice date, unless otherwise agreed. The seller is always entitled to charge part of the delivery. If the total invoicing is explicitly agreed upon, the vendor may invoice it when delivered for at least 75% of the transaction value. A 16% interest on late payment and possible collection costs will be charged.



Invoicing is done electronically. We charge 10 € / order for paper invoices.



Any defects or remarks must be notified in writing within 7years of receipt of the goods.If delivery was found to be defective or objectionable, the payment must always pay at least 90% of the agreed payment terms unless the notice exceeds 10% of the value of the delivery and the note is approved by the manufacturer. Delivery ordered can not be returned. The ownership of the goods is transferred to the buyer only after the total amount of the purchase has been paid. We charge separately for the installation service unless otherwise stated in the offer. Bestool has the right to charge for any additional work related to, among other things, emptying of premises, second delivery, storage and / or installation work outside this trade item.


Warranty time

The warranty time is five years for standard products manufactured by Bestool, unless otherwise stated. Product Guarantees for other Bestool products are determined by the manufacturer’s warranty (at least 2v). No warranty is granted for products outside the standard product, such as customized covers or surface treatments. The warranty begins at the time of delivery. The warranty is valid for normal office-type (8h / day) operating conditions, unless otherwise stated. Warranty requires the use of the care instructions and the proper handling of the product. The validity of the warranty is subject to compliance with the furniture care manuals of the Furniture Association Ry (Furniture Assembly / Furniture Maintenance / Furniture Care Instructions). The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear or defects caused by the customer’s negligence. The customer must present a warranty claim to Bestool in writing during the warranty period and within seven (7) business days after the customer has found a complete defect in the warranty. Correction or re-delivery of the warranty does not extend the warranty period. See also product-specific warranty statements.


Force Major – an overwhelming obstacle

In the event of force majeure, which makes it impossible to fulfill or significantly impede the fulfillment of these terms of delivery, the parties have the same right to be released in whole or in part from the obligation of delivery or reception at the agreed date.


Indirect damage

Bestool is not obliged to compensate the customer for any delay or indirect damage caused by delivery inaccuracies.



Disagreements which may arise from the agreement and which can not be reached within a reasonable time shall be left to the Kuopio District Court or, if Bestool so requires, in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Central Chamber of Commerce and the arbitration and acting unanimous arbitral tribunal.


We reserve the right to make changes.


Valid so far from 21.10.2018.


Bestool, Pajapolku 2, 70900, Finland.


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Contract and Delivery Terms