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Bestool / Yeeside Ltd (hereinafter “Bestool”), Business ID: 2814830-6, Pajapolku 2, 70900 Toivala, Finland

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Personal data

Personal data refers to all identified or identifiable human data. For example, your name and address are personal data related to you, as well as the information that you can attach to your purchases.

Identifiable is considered to be a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reason of the name, personal identification number, location information, domain identifier, or one or more of his or her distinctive features.


Collection of information

Bestool offers its customers ergonomic products for work stations and related services. Bestool handles personal information so that activities and customer experience can be developed, sales of products and services, and furniture orders can be processed and related information and services delivered to customers both in stores and in digital form.

We collect personal information directly from you when you buy our products and services through one of our sales channels. For example, during a purchase transaction, we collect customer’s name and address information so that we can deliver the shopping to the correct address.


Basic customer information

  • Customer number
  • Date of commencement of customer relationship
  • First and last name
  • Address information and contact information such as phone number and email address
  • Personal ID, when applying for funding
  • Value or occupation, interest, hobbies and the like
  • Marketing authorization and ban information
  • Name of company or entity including contact, required identification and address information
  • Bestool Customer Response Name for the company


Customer relationships-, service- and communications Information

We collect relevant information, such as activity, ordering, product, purchase, price, discount, bid, delivery, billing, collection, satisfaction, complaint information.

We also collect usage and transaction information for communications, marketing and service and content usage in various services and channels, for example. call and chat accounts and usernames.

We can collect personal information with cookies in Bestool’s digital services. We use cookies to ensure the functionality of our digital services as well as for analysis, personalization, and marketing purposes.

Please note that sites may have links to other companies’ websites or services that have separate privacy policies from Bestool. In such situations, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the privacy practices of the third parties involved.

Personal information can be processed and distributed in Bestool’s units as well as in other Finnish companies for internal company processes.



When you visit Bestool for the first time, your browser sends a unique cookie to your browser. A cookie is a small file that contains a string that is sent to your computer while you visit an internet site. We use cookies to develop the quality of our services and to understand the behavior of users on our site. We store the user default settings contained in the cookies and follow the trends and patterns of people using our site.

Most browsers accept cookies from their default settings. You can change your browser settings to ban any cookies or notify when a cookie is sent. However, some features or services on our site do not work properly without cookies.


Use of data

Bestool uses personal information to provide you with interesting services and products. We need to be able to communicate with you through our contact information if you need more clarification on purchasing and delivering our products. We can store your contact information, order information, and information about your customer service related activities so that we can provide you with the right service.

Bestool strives to develop and maintain personal data related to its operations carefully. Personal data are processed, for example. statistical and other methods. This aims at targeting content and activities to the customers as much as possible and providing a better customer experience. The related processing functions include business planning, development and monitoring as well as customer and transaction management in various channels, continuous analysis including targeted service, communications, marketing, customer satisfaction surveys and other similar measures. When you sign up for our events, we will handle the list of participants to get you the best service. This also applies to competitions and sweepstakes for marketing purposes.

In the legitimate interest, we use the contact information you provide for customer communication, to develop our products and services, collect customer feedback in customer satisfaction surveys. We can use personal, contact and purchase information as part of our service, also to provide you with better customer service. We can also send you an e-mail about your purchase, telling you about other services and products that may interest you. We also invite our customers to participate in our customer communities. We can also contact a selected or restricted customer group to test new products and services. Bestool will process your Purchase Transaction Steps in dealing with Customer Feedback and Complaint Requirements. This is how we want to ensure that we can handle all cases properly and that we understand what has happened. Your information will also be used to process your refunds and claims. We want to continually improve your customer experience and make our services more up-to-date and more interesting. That is why we can provide personalized services by segmenting our customers. This way we can serve our digital channels, for example, with additional services and products that may interest you. We deal with the details of our subcontractors, partners and suppliers, as required by our business, such as contact information and other necessary information for dealing with business relationships. Data storage and protection The information is protected behind the locks, software, firewalls, passwords, and other technical means. Only certain Bestool and its agents acting on behalf of and on behalf are entitled to use the customer relationship management system and information. The users have their own username and password required at check-in. Access rights to data processing are granted on a limited and supervised basis. Users are bound by the confidentiality obligation


Transfer of personal data

The information can be transferred to the competent authorities, for example, to find irregularities.

Bestool uses Bestool’s subcontractors and parties for technical, commercial or operational execution of personal data processing tasks, for example when transporting and installing Bestool’s furniture to customers or financial institutions for billing purposes. With partners and subcontractors, Bestool has a valid contract for processing data in accordance with the Privacy Policy. The partners do not transfer personal information to third parties.

Information may only be transferred to Bestool’s partners or subcontractors under the Personal Data Act for the purpose of direct marketing.

Data may be transferred from the EU and the European Economic Area in accordance with relevant legislation if the technical implementation of the Bestool service so requires. Third-party partners are required to comply with data protection practices. We guarantee the transfer of personal data outside the European Economic Area in accordance with European Commission standard contractual clauses or other appropriate safeguards such as the Privacy Shield.

However, if a personal privacy breach of a security breach occurs, we will notify you as soon as it is in compliance with the Privacy Policy.


Data retention time

Because of our long warranty periods, our customer data can be stored for up to five years. Also the accounting law stipulates that we are obliged to keep records of our business and keep the accounting material for the time specified in the law. We do not store the information that we no longer need.


Action requests

You can use the rights of the registrar by contacting us at or by writing to Bestool, Data Protection Officer, Pajapolku 2, 70900 Toivala, Finland. The request is made with a personally signed written request. We will reply to your request within one month of receiving the request. Please note that we may ask you for more information to verify your identity and get further clarifications, so that the deadline for a month is interrupted. You will receive confirmation of the actions we have taken for your request (e.g., confirmation of deletion). If we can not implement your request, we will tell you a clear reason. The information to be provided as a result of the request shall be given in writing and delivered by post to the address indicated by that person.


Checking the data

Once a year you have the right free of charge to check what information you have stored in the Bestool Register. You have the right to request a copy of your personal information at We will provide you with information unless we have a legitimate reason not to share information with you or what information would seriously infringe on you or others’ rights.


Correcting data

You have the right to correct or update yourself for incorrect or incomplete personal information. You can submit a rectification request to


Deleting data

In certain situations, you have the right to ask us to remove your personal information from our systems, such as when your data no longer needs them for the purposes for which they were collected. Or if your processing is based solely on your consent or you have withdrawn your consent. We will delete your personal information without delay unless we have a legitimate reason to continue processing your information under data protection law.


Transferring data

You have the right to receive the information you provide yourself in a commonly used electronic file format and transfer the data independently to a third party.


Resisting the processing of information

We can deal with your personal information on the legitimate interest of our business, considering that processing does not violate the protection of your personal information. In these situations, you have the right to request us to limit your processing of your information for personal reasons, for removal or for limiting your processing, if your request is pending.

You are entitled, at any time, to prohibit us from using your information for direct marketing purposes or to use your information for profiling. You can stop subscribing to marketing messages by canceling the newsletter.


Restricting treatment

You have the right to limit the processing of your personal data. When processing is limited, Bestool will not treat your information as a rule except by retaining the information. For example, you have the right to dispute the accuracy of your personal information if the processing is illegal or if you have objected to the processing of your personal data and you are awaiting the response to that request.

If you feel that we have not processed your personal information correctly, you can contact the Data Protection Authority and make a complaint.


Contact Privacy Policy

Bestool, Data Protection Officer, Pajapolku 2, 70900 Toivala, Finland.