In 2017, Bestool has developed a divided, adjustable saddle chair and brand name. A product family has been created around the chair to support a healthy and active workstation.

We will continue the pioneering and intensive development work of Finnish Key Flag Symbol product of the original narrower adjustable saddle chair. We produce patented saddle chairs having probably the most Finnish product development and design.

During the years of development, we take into account feedback from users, physiotherapists and ergonomics experts to find the best sitting comfort. As a result of this work we were first to present genuinely narrower adjustable divided saddle chair.

Our Mission

Our mission is ”Smile at work!” We mean it in all terms and and through the whole product cycle. This means individual side as well as the whole commune level. All our action as mission, values, strategy, service and other active operations aim at this goal.

The aim is to create joy and well-being for the end user (end-user smile). With our products, you gain the well-being, health and vitality of your working day and beyond. You will manage and feel better better both at work and after work.

Our goal is to create a delight for customers and retailers (direct customer smile): We produce and sell affordable, but highly developed and patented top quality and market leading products in ergonomic segment. We focus on quality control and customer satisfaction in our operations. One of our goals is to keep Bestool's original narrow saddle chair as the most ergonomic chair on the market.

This is all done and implemented so that it also brings joy and well-being to employees (employee smile): We focus on the well-being of our employees with the most ergonomic workstations, providing opportunities for career development, training and education. We aim at flexible, equal, encouraging and rewarding ways of working.

Social responsibility

All our product design is based on product life cycle, environmental issues and most of all, in ergonomic aspects. This means products which can be used even the whole lifetime. That's why we can grant our products one of the longest warranty times in the market. Products have spare part availibility, can be re-upholstered and at last recycled if needed.

We don't use hazardous chemicals: eg. no pvc, no hot glues used in seat upholstery work etc.

We always aim at the having the most ergonomic product category to enable better human well-being. We concentrate on continuous research work, market analyzing, customer feedback evaluating, active co-operation with ergonomic experts and physiothrapeutics in product testing and developing. Thus we also actively invest on patent portfolio based on our development work. We naturally use our quality and environmental system in all operations.

Well-being through social responsibility. Our product design is based on product life cycle thinking, quality and environmental management, and above all ergonomic considerations. This means products that can be used up to a lifetime. Therefore, we can grant our products one of the longest warranty periods on the market.

The products have spare part availability, they can be re-upholstered and eventually recycled if needed. We do not use hazardous chemicals such as pvc in our products, and for example no any hot-melt adhesives commonly used for upholstery.

We act according to our quality and environmental management system. We always aim to make our products most ergonomic in their category and to improve people's well-being with them. We focus on product testing and development for continuous research, market analysis, customer feedback assessment, and active collaboration with ergonomics specialists and physiotherapists. Therefore, through our development work, we also actively invest in our patent portfolio.


We simply aim at well-being in all levels and in all operations. We hope you will be co-operating on this with us!


Simply the Bestool!


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